Best of Bolivia

9 days - 8 nights
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9 days

Best of Bolivia

“This is the trip of a lifetime, who knew Bolivia was so beautiful!”

On this 9 day adventure visiting Bolivia you will explore the highlights and hidden gems spanning from La Paz, Uyuni Salt flats, Ojo de Perdiz, Tiwanaku and Puma Punku! Experience the awe-inspiring wonders of Bolivia, a place you will never forget.

Learn about the ancient and interesting history of Bolivia and experience the most beautiful sights in the world. We travel to Bolivia to see the Uyuni Salt Flats, UNESCO world heritage sights and we visit La Paz city.

  • NExciting boat ride across lakes surrounded by all kinds of islands.
  • NWalk through the moon-resembling valley of Valle de la Luna.
  • NCapture surreal imagery through the world’s largest salt flat.
  • NExperience every shade of color imaginable as the sun sets on Uyuni Salt flats.
  • NThe Puma Punku mystery, stones that have no scientific explanation.
DAY 1 - Welcome to bolivia - City tour & cable car

After quickly overcoming the height sickness with an infusion of natural coca leaves, at the hotel, you’ll be more than ready to start the day at the wonderful Mirador Killi Killi, an outdoor balcony from which you’ll be able to capture unbelievable pictures.

Next up, La Plaza Murillo, the main square, right in the center of the city. This active spot is home to the oldest and main cathedral. After a visit, we travel to the unforgettable Valle de la Luna, a natural rock formation created by the erosion of wind and rain, creating a Moon-like landscape that takes you to outer space without leaving earth.

The adventure continues boarding one of our fan-favorite parts of the day, the ride at the cable cars, that connects the entire city with an amazing view.

After riding the sky, it’s time to visit the mythic Mercado de las Brujas, or Witches Market, where you can witness all sorts of supplies and sorcery rituals, even taking home some if you feel like it.

Before calling it a day, we visit the famous San Francisco church, a mongrel baroque church with amazing detail both on the exterior and interior. This church sits on top of architectonic landmarks from the colonial era, filled with stories and sub-terrain tunnels. After all these experiences, you’ll get a different perspective of this place.

Overnight at the Hotel in La Paz.
Meals Included: None


DAY 2 - from la paz to uyuni salt flats

Private transfer to the airport for your flight to Uyuni. (Flight not included).

At your arrival, we step into one of the best experiences that Bolivia can offer. We will make our first stop at the train cemetery full of 200-year-old trains.

Going forward, we’ll find ourselves at the bottom of the Tunupa Volcano. We listen to its wonderful tales, enjoy the view, and see the size of this white desert. Here, is where the Coquesa caves are home to mummies perfectly preserved since 700 A.D. an experience like no other.

Then, get ready to make your way to the amazing Inkawasi island, where giant cacti stand over 10 feet tall, offering a privileged landscape and unforgettable views over the salt desert.

Time for a picnic lunch. Now, you’ll be able to witness a majestic sunset, that will change your perspective of the planet itself, many photographs have become internet staples, but they don’t manage to show what your own eyes can see.

It’s finally time to rest and dinner, relax at the hotel and regain all your energy for the next day.

Overnight at the Hotel in Uyuni or Colchani
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


DAY 3 - Uyuni or Colchani – Minor Lagoons

After a delicious breakfast, we continue our adventure at Ojo de Perdiz or Villamar, where we visit the Saint Cristobal town and old time mine’s ruins, a mountain side near the desert where you’ll hear the story of this town that has been entirely rebuilt. There, the oldest church of the region, Kulpina K is surrounded by antique colonial streets that house the paintings of renowned artist Gaston Ugalde, La Plaza de caracol and metal trees.

From here, we make our way to the colored lagoons of Cañapa, Honda, Ramaditas and Hedionda, where you’ll be greeted by three different species of flamingos that make the perfect post-card-like imagery. Before we call it a day, we take a lunch in local restaurant to further enjoy a local hotel and gather ourselves for the third day.

We will have dinner and head to the hotel.

Overnight at Tayka Hotel
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


DAY 4 - Ojo de Perdiz – Colored Lagoons – Uyuni or Colchani

After a delicious breakfast, we head out to one of nature’s most impressive works, the Tree-Rock, a million-year-old formation that resembles a mirage in the middle of the desert.

From the Red Lagoon, caused by underwater vegetation which pink flamingos call home, we make our way to the Sol de Mañana geyser, which shoots vapor above 50 feet into the air. Here we can enjoy relaxing Hot Springs of Polques. You’ll be able to use the bath if desired, in the middle of an astonishing view.

Time for lunch at a local restaurant. We later cross the Desierto de Dali, until we reach the Green Lagoon, at the base of the Licancabur Volcano, which will leave along-lasting memory with its emerald shade.

Return to Uyuni or Colchani.

Overnight at the Hotel in Uyuni or Colchani
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


Day 5 – Uyuni or Colchani to Potosi

After breakfast, private transfer to Potosi.

At your arrival, it is time to begin the adventure through Potosí, the Silver City, with its narrow streets and balconies, a classic colonial sight from a time when conquistadors arrived to be amazed of the amounts of minerals found in these lands.

Visit La Casa de la Moneda, an old silver factory full of history. We also walk through the Santa Teresa Cloister, now turned into a museum, takes us day-to-day life of hundreds of years ago.

Going forward, we pass by the main cathedral, visiting La Torre de la Compañia de Jesus, among many other buildings of the era.

Before we call it a day, we enjoy the San Francisco balcony, a viewpoint from which you can enjoy this iconic city even more. Especially after seeing the Merced Church and the imposing Cerro Rico de Potosí, from which conquistadors were sure they could have built a silver and gold bridge between Bolivia and Spain. After all this, you’ll be ready for a well-deserved rest before you continue with your adventure.

Overnight at the Hacienda Cayara in Potosi
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Day 6 – From Potosi to Sucre

After breakfast, private transfer to Sucre.

We start the day at “La Casa de Libertad”, the exact place that declared Bolivia an independent country on August 6th 1825. Their walls witnessed the creation of a new nation, where built over 4 centuries ago, and are often described as the country’s most valuable building. Visit the balcony and the Recoleta Square, a landscape that promises to take your breath away, and offer a cool photo opportunity.

The day is not done yet, as we now visit the “San Lázaro” and “Santo Domingo” churches and their imposing doorways. El Museo del Tesoro or el claustro de San Felipe de Nery tells amazing stories of old through pieces of fabric, handmade following antique guidelines.

Before we end, enjoy a walking through the Bolivar’s Park, full of historic monuments that complete the history of the city. After all these experiences, you’ll get a different perspective of this place.

Overnight at the Hotel in Sucre
Meals Included: Breakfast.


Day 7 – Flight back from Sucre to La Paz

At a proper time, transfer to the airport for your return flight to La Paz.

At your arrival, assistance and transfer to your hotel.

Overnight at the Hotel in La Paz.
Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 8 – Tiwanaku Enigma & Puma Punku

Get ready to travel thousands of years before in time to witness one of the oldest civilizations in human history.

Begin with the hike through the archeological complex of Tiwanaku, ruins declared as Humanity Heritage by the UNESCO, where hundreds of experts have confirmed this is a legendary settlement for humankind.

Get up close to the Akapana Pyramid, the Sun’s Gate and the Ponce Monolith, engraved with fine iconography on its surface and a language that is still being deciphered. In the underground temple, you can spot a number of faces sculpted in rock, some of these reflecting traits of races from across the planet.

When we head further, we reach Puma Punku, an extraordinary site where perfectly sculpted rocks of over 23 feet tall and above 100 tons, with precise measurements and aligned one with the others. It is truly mind-boggling how this civilization came to figure out a way to move and detail these massive pieces.

Overnight at the Hotel in La Paz.
Meals Included: Breakfast


Day 9 – Departure from Bolivia

Breakfast at hotel; you will be collected from your hotel and transferred to the airport.

Take International flight.

Meals included: Breakfast.

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  • N8 night(s) in hotel(s) at all locations
  • NMeals: as mentioned in the itinerary
  • NAll entrance fees and excursions mentioned in itinerary.
  • NSpanish and English speaking guides.
  • NAll transfers: airport, train or bus station transfers, hotel pickup and drop-off.
  • NAll ground transportation.
  • N24-hour support by our local staff.


  • KInternational and domestic flights (in case you request them, please ask your travel agent).
  • KVISA procedures, travel insurance, pre and post tour accommodation.
  • KOther expenses of a personal nature (alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc.).
  • KTips for guides, drivers and other staff.
  • KAnything not specified in the itinerary description.

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